Meet John

My wife, Amy, and I live with our two children, Aidan and Chloe, in Hull, WI, along with our rescue dogs: Kipper, Izzy, and Mazie.


I currently work at McCain Foods, having previously worked in industry, the WI State Legislature, the WI Office of Energy Independence, and on biodiversity energy projects.


I have a strong interest in representative government, and I believe I can serve you well.

Growing Up

I grew up in a political environment. My father, Al Badus, served in the Assembly. He was also elected to Congress in 1975, and represented 3rd District until 1981.


Our conversations were frequently about public policies and issues. It is what I heard during my formative years and as I went on to college and adulthood.


My political life began early. When I was only two weeks old,  I went with my family to WI 3rd District political rallies and parades with my buggy decked out in campaign buttons. My first eight years were spent in the Washington, DC area. We then moved back to Wisconsin, where I attended grade school in Prescott,


In our free time, we went with my father to the Hackensack hunting cabin in the Flambeau Forest near Ingram, WI. Conservation and water quality issues remain a priority in my life.


Learning Teamwork

My high school years in Menomonie were filled with sports and friendship. A member of the high school football and track teams, I learned leadership and commitment.

A severe pole-vaulting accident ended my sports ambitions at the end of my senior year. This accident also taught me the value of treating people right. The outpouring of support from area track teams that we competed against helped fuel my recovery and further cemented my understanding of good sportsmanship and friendship.  

I believe involvement in sports teaches collaboration, teamwork, and fair play, all of which are important in our social and work lives. This has been my emphasis throughout my career, my current work at McCain Foods and, most recently,  coaching boy’s and girl’s soccer for Portage County Youth Soccer. It is a skill I believe I can take to the Assembly to craft legislation benefiting citizens of our region and State.


Working Hard

Paying my own way through  college at UW Stout, I worked several jobs. The most fulfilling was coaching high school  football & track  at my alma mater, Menomonie High School. And I had the great opportunity to  teach downhill skiing at a small family ski hill in Wabasha, MN. 

Spending six years at UW-Stout, I have a good understanding of the great value and importance the UW System brings to our state. College provided me opportunities I never considered possible. Attending UW-Stout gave me the chance to study in Scotland & Russia, even allowing me to work at the United States Embassy in Moscow Russia. 

These experiences helped shape a sound foundation for how Wisconsin participates in the national & internal economies.   Most importantly, these experiences helped me appreciate what Wisconsin has to offer, and they are the reason Amy and I chose to start our family in Wisconsin. We have deep roots Wisconsin, and hope to continue growing those roots deeper as our family grows here. 

I am a proud citizen of our district and our state. Like many, I have had my ups and downs, and I have learned hard lessons. I have used these experiences to develop empathy, compassion, tolerance, and understanding. I want to represent you in the Assembly and work for you to help move Wisconsin Forward.

-John Baldus