Baldus Works for You in the 70th Assembly District

Progressive Seeking Fair Maps & New Leadership


Town of Hull - John Baldus threw his hat in the ring to run for the 70th Assembly District, and he will bring a new voice to central Wisconsin.


John Baldus is a lifelong resident of Wisconsin. The son of late congressman Al Baldus, John currently lives in the town of Hull with his wife and two children. He is a graduate of UW-Stout, and has worked in both the private and public sector. John currently works at McCain Foods in Stevens Point.


One of John’s top priorities is adjusting the legislative districts so they are fair. Wisconsin’s legislative districts are “gerrymandered”--distorted to help one political party.  It has gotten so bad that experts now say that Wisconsin’s legislative maps allow legislators to pick their voters, rather than the other way around.  


John Baldus also believes that a true representative should be available to all constituents, regardless of where they live. The 70th Assembly District stretches across four counties - Jackson, Monroe, Wood, and Portage - and the voters in this district shouldn’t have to wait years to meet their representative. John will make it a priority to visit every county in the 70th Assembly District. 


John Baldus doesn’t believe partisanship is the answer. “Lawsuits and arguing is what we are getting from our legislative majority. There is no voice for central Wisconsin. We’ve heard story after story of our current legislator providing no help to constituents. That’s not right.” John will work with any elected official who has a good idea, regardless of his or her political party.


Baldus continued, “I want to bring change.  I will provide the help and leadership that is needed but lacking. Add a pandemic and social unrest, and leadership talks into a vacuum for themselves. Simply saying ‘lets bring a lawsuit’ doesn’t work anymore.”


The voters spoke in the spring election, and we need those same voters to bring their voice to the 70th district. Help John bring a new voice for central Wisconsin. 


John’s campaign slogan is Baldus Works For You. This isn’t a new slogan. It’s being carried on from those who fought for their constituents, regardless of their party affiliation, the color of their skin, or their social background. It’s from a time when running for office meant earning the right to hold that office. 


Vote Baldus this fall. Join him on Facebook at Baldus Works For You, and become part of the new generation of Baldus Backers.